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Newborn Photography Sessions are completed in the first 14 days of life and last 1.5 to 2 hours to allow plenty of time for feeding your newborn baby, snuggling and posing! Newborn photography sessions are generally booked 1-2 months in advance or even as soon as you know you are pregnant to secure your spot and as due dates are unpredictable! The session is booked tentatively by your due date and firmed up once the newborn baby arrives. The focus of this newborn photography session is of course your ever so precious newborn baby and their sweet fleeting moments as a fresh and new addition to the world. We capture those tiny newborn fingers and toes, the squishy cheeks and smooth skin, how wrinkly, foldable, snuggly and sleepy newborns are for this brief time in their lives. We photograph Mom & Dad's new family snuggling their new and sweet love together and a family photograph of big brother’s and sister’s holding their new sibling for the first time. 

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